Start with Why

I am a believer that "branding" needs to be undertaken from the inside out. It should not be viewed as the cloths a business wears. Branding should be viewed as the very essence and soul of the business. Authenticity is the watchword.

Before any creative work is done to position a business the purpose of the creativity needs to be defined and that purpose needs to link directly to the companies story and the customers it is creating. The people who know and set the direction of the business are, of course, it's leaders. Therefore to properly manage the meaning you want people to connect to your brand you will need to get the leaders engaged in the branding process so that an authentic story and accurate business strategy are both being considered throughout the process and beyond.

Know all this but wondering where to start? Great. This post is for you. The simple answer is to start with asking "why"?

Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is a leadership coach and author who gave an incredible TED Talk entitled "Start with Why". I would suggest this would be a very useful video to circulate to all leaders at the start of a branding process because it explains that "why" you are doing something is perhaps the most important thing to know if you want people to follow you. This is crucial to understand in terms of the branding process. First we need our teams to get on board and follow us