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Branding & Culture - Branders Magazine

Way too often the strategic principles of brand are not used to fuel decision making in an organisation. From the macro to the micro decisions from top to bottom. the way meaning is attached to the organisation should be taken super seriously. Thats why branding and business culture are so intrinsically linked. I am humbled to have been featured in the latest edition (Issue #30) of Branders Magazine. The theme of the issue was on one of my hot topics: Branding and Culture.

My contributing article is entitled "connecting brands to employees". The article discusses the importance of having a strong company culture and how it can affect a business's brand and ultimately its success. I share how that the principles of brand strategy can be used to create a culture program that can truly power an organisation in an authentic way.

The components of this program include the big idea (why the business exists beyond making money), values (what the business believes in), behaviours (how the business will act), and activities (initiatives the business sponsors & implements in order to foster the desired behaviours throughout the organisation).

I also outline a typical process for creating a culture program, which includes a period of discovery, defining the desired culture, and delivering the program.

It is a true honour to have been published alongside some truly amazing experts who also appear in this issue including:

Denise Lee Yohn

Meg Kypena

Steven Picanza

Cristián Saracco

Scott Hancock

Terri Goldstein

Cara Rodgers

Vanessa Moulédous

David Brier

Sergio Morales

If you are interesting in improving your business culture using the power of brand - THIS is the edition for you. Be sure to subscribe to Branders Magazine here »


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