How to create brand “must-haves”

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Innovation. Most companies claim they are all about it. Leaders know that they can't afford to stand still. For brands to be relevant they need to create experiences customers crave. They need to innovate or die. But most organisations struggle with it. In this post we examine how to innovate and create "must-haves" for customers to ensure brand success, drive growth and make competitors less relevant.

The pinnacle of brand strategy is to help companies produce a genuine “point of differentiation” in their offering which becomes this “must have” for their target audience. A brand which commands a “must have” in their category renders competitors irrelevant (at least less relevant - until they catch-up). Once experienced, target consumers will not consider any other alternative brand which does not have the “must have”. They really “must have” it. Nothing else will do.