Is the biggest challenge in business today strategic alignment?

Is it me or is the typical business system stacked against strategic alignment?

On a regular basis, I see that from the top to the bottom of organisations people compete, argue and fight for their piece of interest. People really struggle to point ourselves in the same direction.

And who are they competing against? Usually against their peers. Against the very people who they should be supporting and empowering.

Maybe this is not you. Maybe your business and people are all pointing in the same harmonious direction. But if this does ring true, maybe you are thinking that this is the way it just has to be?

The typical siloed business - a design floor.

I often hear business leaders complain about siloed behaviours but let’s be honest, our businesses are designed in ways which encourage this type of thinking.

We create divisions, departments and functions. Businesses are literally “divided”. Cut up. So we can attempt to manage them.