Mapping the Brand Experience

Updated: Oct 7

Branding is not marketing. It is much bigger and more important than simply a logo and some fonts. As I often say, “branding is the management of meaning”. It’s audacious. It’s big and it’s scary. Because suddenly it’s not about what you say, it’s about what they say. It’s not what you intend to mean but it’s the meaning perceived in the eye of the beholder. That is not always easy to appreciate. But that is what it is. And it is so important for the modern business to take seriously.

Ultimately managing a brand is all about managing the experience audiences have when they come across any aspect of our offer. It’s about influencing the lasting impression your audience has about you. It about “walking the walk” not simply just about “talking the talk”.

But how? How can we begin to manage meaning?

Well, this is how I tend to attack managing brand meaning - and its all about a holistic approach to brand experience.