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Speaking announcement: archetype Masterclass for butter

Super excited and honoured to be partnering with Butter 🧈 and the wonderful Rachel Davis to deliver a Masterclass for the Butter Community.


We've called the session "Rebels and Rulers: How to use archetypes in your brand positioning".


Wednesday 19th July 2023


The Blurb:

​What role do you play in your customer’s journey?

​This session we’ll be looking at the amazing subject of Archetypes and how you can use them to position your personal brand (or your company brand) powerfully. 💪

​After learning about what archetypes are and how you can use them, we’ll have a mini workshop where you can decide which archetype you are!

Hosted by Matt Davies, in this ButterMixer we will:

​🧠 Learn what an archetype is and their history

​💡 Discover the 12 main archetypes

​🔥 Work out which one you might best lean into for your own personal brand positioning

Register your spot here:

Hurry - limited places!

See you there! 😎

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