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Video: strategic alignment with higher purpose

Back in June last year, when we were in lockdown and haircuts were not a thing, I had the honour to sit down with the wonderful Sansiani Martin from Higher Purpose agency in Jakarta, Indoesia 🇮🇩. This interview was part of the Branding Talks series where a whole host of global Brand leaders have been interviewed - my one is Episode 12.

We talk about my background, all things brand and leadership. We review how business initiatives should ladder into brand "purpose". We discuss the big, wicked problem of business alignment and how to solve it. We discuss a customer centric approach. Building culture. Employee motivation and connectivity. Proving your values. Living what you claim and sticking strategy to reality.

It's high-energy, fast paced and jam packed with ideas.

The full video has now been released. See the recording below and I hope you find it interesting:

If you would like to interview me for a Podcast or book me as a speaker at a business event please do reach out. I always love to share ideas to create inspirational brands and businesses.


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