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Solutions man with exceptional presentation skills. Born in London, living in South wales. Working globally.  20+ years experience. Multi-disciplined.

Truth seeker

I began my career 20 years ago in graphic design but soon moved from execution into strategy and branding. I was always frustrated with being asked to create design veneers which were not in-line with reality. In a quest for truth and determined to make a real difference I took my design and creative skills into the boardroom to help businesses think differently about their brands.

I've founded and ran my own design business for 9 years. Sold it. Helped run a Digital Marketing Agency. Led an in-house team for a global corporate. Written a book. Worked with hundreds of clients all over the world from startups through to large corporates including brands like Microsoft, Nestle, Boots, Virgin, Specsavers, Capital One, Nikon, Fred Perry and Experian. Spoken at all sorts of business events. United, excited and delighted my clients to create positive change which affects their bottom lines.

Today my quest for helping businesses find and live their brand truth continues.

How I tick



Tell a story

A brand is the gut feeling an audience has when it comes into contact with aspects of an organisation. I define branding as “the management of meaning”. How best do you add meaning? With stories. I have been personally involved in developing countless brand strategies using my bespoke “archetypal” branding technique based on the work of the psychologist Carl Jung. Archetypal branding is one of the most powerful tools I have developed over my years of experience. It helps to produce a framework for teams to unite around a common narrative, as well as clearly tell a visual brand story which resonates on a deep level with target audiences.


Generate awareness and sales leads

During the last 10 years or so I have developed marketing strategies for clients and managed teams to deliver on them. Due to the way we buy in today’s information era, I am an advocate of digital inbound marketing strategies which join up social media, content, email and website activity to generate leads around buyer personas. I value measurable results and believe in the process of continual development toward goals. I am familiar with more traditional marketing methods and I can draw on my vast experience to produce strategies that meet budgets and objectives.


Practical creativity

I believe practical creativity is essential to any modern business. I am an ideas man and am comfortable producing original concepts, right through to the visuals which convey these to the audience. Using the principles of design thinking I have experience working on product and service innovation to enhance brand experiences. I offer a unique, professional perspective at the intersection of business strategy, customer design and brand thinking. I enjoy brainstorming creative ideas both on my own or with clients and wider teams in an agile way. I use my experience and energy to get the most out of any collaboration.


Clear & Friendly

I have extensive experience in winning new accounts, presenting concepts and project strategies across a wide variety of sectors and business situations as well as leading engaging workshops. I would say one of my key skills is being able to communicate well. Having been the lead on complex projects, managing and motivating multiple teams and stakeholders, I have successfully maintained great relationships with team members and clients. I always seek to deliver exciting and relevant presentations which have clear outcomes. I have delivered lectures in academic and business institutions and am comfortable in front of large audiences.

Continual development

An attitude to succeed

I am a driven and ambitious individual continually striving for the best. Putting smiles on people’s faces and delivering results is what keeps me going. My curiosity for all things strategic and creative ensures I always have a book on the go and a new ‘unconventional theory’ to discuss. In today’s fast-paced digital world I know that nobody can afford to stand still.

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