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Brand & culture Business consultant

Branding starts from the inside out. It is much more than a logo, a set of fonts and some colours. Partner with me to discover what makes you different, set your brand foundations up for growth, innovate and get your team pulling in the same direction.

You want change. And you want help to do it.


Work with me to collaboratively unite your people around a clear vision of what you stand for, why you exist and why it matters.

swift brand ALIGNMENT

Wheel me in to solve a variety of brand pain points in a strategic and swift manner. Let's discover the answers to the big questions together.

Be distinctively different

Be different and stand out to consumers for the right reasons. From the culture of your business to the products you produce to the way they are experienced.

Brand Thinking

Branding is about answers to big questions in order to make better decisions.


If you desire to get your leadership team united around answers to questions like; Why do we exist beyond making money? Who do we exist to serve? Why are we different? How will we win? Then my brand strategy approach, consultancy services & executive advice solutions are for you.

My methods are applicable to startups and corporates a-like. At the end of a rigorous and proven process, you will be equipped with a strong brand positioning and strategy that will turn your idea into a reality. The outputs will ensure your brand connects deeply with your prospects, customers, staff, and investors alike.

Let's discuss your needs and I can talk you through the process.

THE "3D" Branding Process

I work with all sizes of business as a strategic partner to leadership to discover, define and deliver powerful brand and culture change.



First I begin by listening. Conducting research to get qualitative and quantitative data about the situation that we can use to make informed decisions. I ensure we consider what else is happening and the ambitions of leadership.


  • Digital surveys

  • Staff focus groups

  • Desk research (visual audits, verbal audits and behavioural audit)

  • Commissioning of larger-scale market research

  • Leadership interviews

  • Customer focus groups & interviews

  • Facilitation



I run positive and proactive workshops. I use storytelling techniques and design thinking to help leaders think differently and harmonise. I agonise over there preparation to ensure the experience
 in the room allows for those breakthrough
 moments that bring about inspiration, alignment and momentum.


  • Agile leadership workshops to align around the core ideas of the brand

  • Positioning statements

  • Brand architecture & strategy

  • Culture programmes

  • Customer experience improvements

  • New product innovation ideas

  • Actionable roadmaps



As strategies become a reality I like to support to make change happen positively. I help to keeping initiatives on track, advising leadership, helping to set objectives, plan project roll-outs, run design sprints, be a soundboard for new ideas and being a second pair of eyes as projects develop.


  • Change management support

  • Public speaking

  • Ongoing consulting & advice

  • Feedback surveys

  • Leadership training

  • Staff training & mentoring

  • Launch event support

  • Creative direction

  • Marketing strategy

  • Brand tracking

Certified Brand Specialist & STRATEGIST


I am a Level C Graduate having been trained and certified personally by world-renowned branding expert Marty Neumeier.

Award winning EXECUTIVE advisor

I'm the winner of Enteprise Nation's 'Top 50 UK Advisor' award and have been a Top 5 Advisor in the ‘Branding & Design’ category for three consecutive years. I was also awarded a Silver Star award in Level C’s global Metaskills challenge.


free e-book:
think brand

Three essential tools to align your people around brand thinking.


“Matt helped breathe real life and energy into projects I have delivered at both Boots and Specsavers, helping me and my team to really consider and articulate the brand/tone of voice we wanted to create.”

Steven Evans
Training Design Manager | Specsavers


“A key strength is Matt’s ability to bring together the often disparate and conflicting requirements of an organisation or team into a coherent and powerful message.”


Karim Khan
Principal Business Advisor


“Working with Matt is an absolute joy. His enthusiasm is infectious, his knowledge of brand is extensive and his creativity is seemingly endless.”

Alicia Rudzka, FCIM
Marketing Manager | Innes England 

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