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I write things down that you might find helpful. Find out about my printed books and download free ebooks here.


Meaning matters. It's why consumers join brands. Successful brands mean something and can communicate that meaning effectively.


How do you create meaning for your brand? Through the power of stories.


My new book, Storyategy - describes a six step process which will help you to unlock the power of your brand with a story based branding strategy.

This book contains powerful ideas on how to discover, define and live a brand story.


Begin your brand transformation today with Storyategy.


Read how I tick. For free.

free e-book:
think brand

Three essential tools to align your people around brand thinking.

Brainy Branding eBook by Matt Davies

Brainy Branding - Aug 2016

In this post-modern age where consumers can get the same product or service from a number of sources, branding is as important as ever. But how do you go about creating a successful brand? I wrote this eBook to answer this question.

Wise Web Design eBook by Matt Davies

Wise Web Design - Sept 2016

Over budget, over time and stressful. Does that sound like your last website redesign? If it does then this is the guide for you. The traditional method of building websites is broken. But how do you go about creating a successful website? The answers are in this ebook.

Modern Marketing eBook by Matt Davies

Modern Marketing - Sept 2016

Are traditional methods of cold calling and advertising not getting you the sales you need? Are you blogging but not getting any returns? Do you have a website but it's not generating leads? Are you doing social media but are not seeing much engagement? It sounds like you need some help - this free e-book will answer these questions and more.

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