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Privacy Policy


This website has three areas that process user data. These three areas explicitly request consent and it is clear when you enter your data the reason for doing so and what will happen with that data. No data is sold on to third parties. Further information is explained below.

The three areas are:

1. Email sign up

The data collected here is:

  • Your Email address

  • Your name

This data is used to send you emails every time I post on my blog. Every email I send has an unsubscribe opt-out. It resides in a Wix database. Data will be stored until user opts out of the subscription.

2. Brandnostic survey

As well as the scored answers required by the survey, personal data collected in this survey include:

  • Your Email address

  • Your name

  • Your business name

All collected data is emailed to you as part of the Brandnostic report. It is collected for reference should you require Matt Davies' services as a consultant and also so you can see the automated score and assessment. It resides on a Typeform database. Personal data is not used outside of this. In the future, I may aggregate scores to give industry insights but no personal data or data which could identify an individual will ever be shared publically. Data will be stored for 10 years.

3. E-commerce

If you purchase an online course or file from this site data is gathered in order to process the payment. Data collected is:

  • Address

  • Email address

  • Name

  • Business name

Payments are not processed by this website but by Wix. See more information here »

Data will be stored for 10 years.

Data Controller
The data controller is Matt Davies. If you have any questions or wish for any data to be removed please contact Matt using the form below.

Data Processors

  • Wix

  • Typeform



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