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The matt davies mastermind group

It can be tough out there. Sometimes it helps having some support. If you are actively involved in developing brands, a founder or a business leader or a creative (agency, in-house or freelance) then my Mastermind Group might be just the thing you're looking for.


The aim of the group is to help support, inspire and inform its members as they navigate the tricky world of brand building. We hold a monthly meet-up for an hour. There is always a key topic selected by the group for discussion. This is usually introduced by me before we open up to everyone for their collective thoughts, questions and sharing. Towards the end of the session we make time for members to raise any key challenges they are facing and obtain advice from the group. Finally we finish up by deciding a key topic for discussion for the next month.

As well as out meet-ups the Group enjoys access to all past recordings (going back to 2020 when it started), resources and a forum. All packed with value, ideas, methods, tools, and resources from the collective brain which is The Matt Davies Mastermind Group.


"Matt is a fantastic coach and facilitator, possibly the most friendly guy on earth! The group has been organically grown and features people from around the world at different stages in their strategic journey. Matt gives you a fantastic insight into how he deals, wins, and maintains industry-leading clients, the knowledge that is in this group is truly priceless and difficult to find. I highly recommend it to anyone starting out in brand strategy or experts wanting peer-to-peer conversation and advice."


Nathan Holloway 🇬🇧
Creative Director | founder of Ground


“If you're looking for a group of deeply talented and passionate people to geek out with, the Matt Davies Mastermind Group is where you need to be. It's like being part of an after-school study group with all the smart kids in the branding world. No egos or competition, just a safe space to expand your perspective. It's been a game-changer for my business, with valuable insights, strategies, friendships, and collabs.


Meg Kypena 🇺🇸

Founder of OnYourMarkCo


“One of the best Mastermind groups I could have been a part of... The group includes some great people, fearless in revealing their know-how and can advise each other when needed. Here, we go deep into the topic and often discuss questions that you won't find answers to on Google or YouTube. The experience and the opportunity to share our experiences with other professionals in our industry are priceless. I'm glad to be a part of it!”


Jakub Kantor 🇨🇿

Founder of Kantor Studio

Support as you grow

What to expect


A friendly and informal virtual meet-up of brand professionals from across the world. Current members tune in from the UK, Netherlands, Czech Republic, USA, Germany and Spain. They are all seasoned professionals and have unique perspectives to help each other through the toughest of challenges.

As well as the monthly sessions members also have access to the network at any time with a live forum where urgent topics are discussed frequently amongst members.

You'll also get a very cool badge to add to your social media to show others you are investing in yourself.



All of the sessions tend to be very practical, helping members overcome live challenges and sharing tools, resources and tips to help everyone level-up. Topics have included things like using archetypes, how to work with consultants, public speaking, podcasting, how to write proposals, business partnerships and more.

As well as hearing from Matt Davies directly on the monthly topic, other members often share thoughts and ideas so that truly this is a group"mastermind" of perspectives from across the world.

Past-meetups & Resources

On top of the live sessions Members have access to recordings of past meet-ups going back to the early days of the Mastermind in 2020. This back catalogue offers a wealth of knowledge and insights members can review at any time. It also means if members can't make a session they can catchup as recordings of new meet-ups are added monthly.

A number of external resources about brand strategy are also available to the group. It's a brand builders sweet shop!


"The closest, intimate, transparent knowledge your gonna get! I have done nothing but learn and be inspired since joining Matts community. There is so much wealth from the personal experiences, workshop ideas and strategy insights that Matt shares, and an even greater value in what the community as a whole contributes, shares and supports in return."


Wes Henstock 🇬🇧

Brand Strategist | founder of Confid3ntial


“What if you could peek inside the head of a consultant who has seen it all? Someone who shares his extensive knowledge of brand strategy and business? In an energetic way that moves you forward - without making you feel like a dork? Good news: you can! For two years now, I have been part of the Matt Davies Mastermind Group. I look forward to our call every single month. If you get the chance to join: go for it!”


Jolande van Straaten 🇳🇱
Visual Communication Specialist
Founder of Brainy Branding


“A great group of people with a wealth of knowledge, experience and awesome attitudes. The last year + has been a blast.”


Ian McEwen 🇺🇸
Founder of The Truth Quarry LLC

Let's do this!

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