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get a
creative boost

Need a seasoned creative leader to help lead a project or come up with a game-changing strategy? Wheel me in.

You want change. And you want help to do it.

boast your offering

I bolt onto your existing offering, assisting in idea generation, workshop facilitation, pitching, client presentations and creative direction.

or solo

I can work as part of your team or alone, providing whatever you need to do great work.

Project by project

No open-ended employment fees or HR - just a simple project by project arrangement.

power up

Using my creative skills and experience to help you succeed

Creative agency support
If you would love to add a creative strategy element to your offering but don't want to pay the high wages which come with brand strategy positions, then I might be the bolt-on solution you've been waiting for.


Hire me to help your clients better understand their purpose, vision, values and story. Get an in-depth strategic approach on how to position them in the marketplace and a rock solid creative brief to inform the creative process and minimise the chances of opinion and personal choice.


I work in a collaborative way to offer real value to agencies and their clients, offering brand workshops and creative consultancy to help you do great work.


Pitching support

Do you have opportunities which you know are passing you by because you do not have the time to put into ideation, pitching and tendering? I offer attractive low-risk new business services which mean I can work on closing in on opportunities you don't have time to. 

Ideas that work

I am a seasoned Creative Director and an ideas man. Familiar with design thinking I can help boost innovation. If you need game-changing ideas for that new project, I can either come in and work alongside your team to produce them, or work solo to come up with solutions for you to use.


Process audit

Although the focus will always be on the end result, processes contribute heavily to the output of your team. I've run two design agencies, an in-house creative team and held various leadership positions in my career. This has given me an insight into best practice processes which increase efficiencies and staff happiness. I offer an audit service of your processes, where I get to understand how you are working now and make recommendations to improve your processes for the future.


Research & Positioning

Do you want to know what the market thinks of you and how you can stand out in a crowded marketplace? I can help you see yourself as the market sees you and also define your offering to be more attractive to your audience.

Could you use me for a creative boost? Let’s talk about how I can have a positive impact for your creative project or agency.


“We've used Matt several times now and are always delighted with the service and results. I'd highly recommend him.”


David Eilbeck

Managing Director | G2 Innovation


“Matt is Mr Branding. His knowlege of brands is extensive and he has a unique ability to combine branding theory with creative solutions. Matt has excellent design skills and an infectious personality, bursting with enthusiasm and energy. Just discussing a project with him is inspiring and he is an incredible assett to any design team. I could not recomend Matt enough. He is the ultimate professional and a lovely chap as well.”


Roger Chateaneuf
Creative Director | Fred Design

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