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Discover your unique emotional story, design your audience, unlock the power of meaning and unite your team.


Convey meaning and get set up for success

I believe that all organisations should actively seek to manage meaning. How best do you add meaning? With stories. I have been personally involved in developing countless brand strategies using my bespoke “archetypal” technique based on the work of the psychologist Carl Jung. Archetypes are one of the most powerful tools I have come across over my years of experience. It helps to produce a framework for teams to unite around a common narrative, as well as clearly tell a story which resonates on a deep level with target audiences.


A one-off, 3-4 hour workshop which will introduce your leadership team to the basics in the shortest possible amount of time. Get the core of your story together and discover your archetype.


Complete a 'Meaning Triangle'

(Why, Who, How and What)

Discover your archetype

Create an emotional story



The works. For those that want to go deep into the process of managing meaning with their leadership team and take their time to get it right. This course is spread over six weeks. Every week we meet to conduct a 2-hour workshop and get into the detail to discover and define an emotional story.


Complete a 'Meaning Triangle' (Why, Who, How and What), Design audience personas & motivations, Discover your archetypal characters, Competitor analysis, Produce a 'Manifesto', Create a 'Mantra' and 'Motto', Write your story, Set a strategy for living it


Forward-thinking strategic thinking

My workshops help teams get to grips with meaning.


Setting up the principles by which meaning will be managed can be a daunting task. Especially if you have never done it before or if your team are not unified. Workshops are often the fastest and most effective way to solve these and other challenges.


These workshops are perfect if you are looking to get your leadership team on the same page in regards to your purpose and vision -  your "why". I have found that because they are conducted by an outsider from a different perspective they can have highly positive effects.




Using various collaborative techniques, the workshops help you develop archetypal story-based strategies which unite people around an inspiring message. These become the basis of the principles of how you collectively behave, look and speak.

Over the last 10 years, I have personally been involved in delivering hundreds of projects on behalf of clients and have a wealth of experience in working with leadership teams to overcome challenges. My communication skills and ability to think creatively, strategically and technically set me apart.


Your people will be able to unite around a clear vision of what you stand for enabling joined-up and effective decision making. You will have a foundation on which to positively continue to build.


You will be better able to communicate clearly allowing for prospects and customers to understand exactly what you deliver and why. You will get more consistency in your behaviours and comunications.


It will become easier to attract and begin a dialogue with new prospects because they quickly understand what you stand for. You will be able to better acquire loyal customers quickly because your prospects’ experience with you supports everything you say.


Although I have standard formats I can follow, all of my workshops are tailor-made and will be based on your specific circumstances. Drop me a line below and let me know what you need or if you have any questions.

Thanks! Message sent. Matt will be in touch within 48 hours.

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