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Matt Davies Presents


A self evaluation of your brand & culture

GET A HANDLE ON your brand and culture

“Brandnostic” is a discovery tool designed by brand and culture strategist Matt Davies which will help you to spot strategic areas to improve.

What is Brandnostic?

It's an online self-assessment containing 10 components each containing 5 statements which you respond to via set answers: "I strongly agree", "I agree", "I’m not sure", "I disagree " & "I strongly disagree ".


Responses produce a score which you can use to highlight areas for improvement. A full report will be emailed to you at the end.

NOTE: It will take you around 15 mins to complete

Who's Brandnostic for?

  • For CEOs and MDs looking to improve and grow their businesses

  • For leaders who control brands that have teams that support them.

  • For people not satisfied with the status quo and are looking to improve their organisations

  • For the curious who want to ask better business questions

  • For HR Directors wanting a fresh approach to culture

  • For Marketing Directors seeking to uncover how they can create a more meaningful brand

  • For entrepreneurs looking to level up

“I am amazed at the shortcomings we have in some areas, Brandnostic has provoked more strategic work for me! I love it, highly recommended.”


Nathan Howell

Chief Customer Officer


“Really useful. Brandnostic helped me to start asking questions about our brand... the survey has highlighted our possible challenge with customers understanding our values."


Barry Hunter

Group Head of Marketing




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