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Now available for consultancy

I'm on the hunt for clients who want to stand out and be more meaningful.

Do you find it difficult to STAND OUT? Do you feel that sometimes your prospects and customers just don't GET you? Do you feel like all they do is compare you with your competitors on price? That they don't know what makes you different? What makes you better? What makes you, YOU?

Or maybe you just find you have a team all pulling in different directions. You need help. You need ideas. An outside pair of eyes. An energetic seasoned leader who can help get you through.

Talk to me.

I help leaders get their teams on the same page so that they can understand their brand, communicate better, generate more value, grow and stand out in crowded marketplaces.

As many of you will know I've now left my corporate job to begin a new adventure as a solo consultant. Exciting times!

Me in action recently leading a creative ideation session.

Why me?

I began my career 17 years ago in graphic design but soon moved from execution into strategy and branding. I've founded and ran my own creative design business for nearly 9 years. Sold it. Helped to run a digital marketing agency. Led an in-house team for a global corporate. Written a book. Worked with hundreds of clients from startups through to global brands like Boots, Specsavers, Capital One, Nikon, Fred Perry and Experian. Spoken at all sorts of business events. United, excited and delighted my clients to create positive change which affects their bottom lines.

I'm now ready to take my ideas, skills and experiences to the market as a consultant, offering a number of services to businesses and creative agencies who want to be more meaningful.

My consultancy services

If you have a quick look around my website you'll see four new sections, now written up to give a flavour of my offering to four different audiences.

Businesses Consultancy - I can help businesses stand out and their communications be more meaningful. Working direct with a business leadership team they can benefit from my years of experience in design, marketing branding to produce effective strategies.

Corporate Team Building - facilitating workshops I am highly effective at helping teams work out their purpose, values, vision and mission to get them all pulling in the same direction.

Public Speaking / Workshops - if you have a network who value branding and want some help thinking about their businesses I want to speak with them. Creating value through engaging talks and energetic workshops I have a super offer for any network leader.

Creative Agency Support - agencies always need a creative boost and I can help inject it into them. Whether it's help with pitching for new business, fresh ideas, creative direction, process audits or research I can help to add value for you.

I will be offering these services globally, not just in Nottingham or the UK where I live. I'm keen to hear from you if you think I might be able to help you with a business or branding problem. Get in touch and I'll see if I can tailor a solution for your specific needs.

I'm looking forward to this new chapter in my career and I hope this might be of interest to you. Please do get in touch if you might like to explore opportunities to hire me.

Thanks and I hope I might be working with you soon...

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