Public Speaking

Dynamic keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and host for hire.
Timely note: I do virtual as well as physical.

align your team with branding

A major problem in organisations today is alignment.

What could your business achieve if all of your leadership teams were pulling in the same direction? If they were aligned in a way they’ve never been before. If they were energised and given tools to disseminate strategy throughout the business so that everyone in an organisation was energised and motivated toward a powerful goal.


What could make this difference? My answer: Brand thinking. A brand is not your logo. A brand is the meaning people attach to you and you’re offering. So how are you managing your meaning?

Most of my talks focus on helping leadership teams to use the principles of “branding", "culture", “design thinking” and “storytelling” to fuse those in organisations who are looking without (e.g. Sales / Marketing) with those looking within (e.g Operations / Human Resources) and helping them all ladder their initiatives up into a higher purpose. The “why” of the organisation. My talks help to build meaningful cultures around the principles of strategic branding.

If you want a passionate speaker to inspire your team to align. Wheel me in.


“I learn’t more about brand, business and people in one talk, than in my whole career. This passionate guy is highly recommended if you’re looking to connect your customers with what you do.”


Steve Whittle

Event Lead | Cooper Parry

“It’s refreshing to see somebody genuinely passionate about branding and brand marketing, with a keen creative eye.”


Nic Shacklock

Marketing Manager | Ferrari & Maserati

“One of a kind. Matt is a master of ideas and innovation when it comes to branding; bursting with knowledge, engaging all the minds of those who interact with him… a natural public speaker”


Lucy Moore
Business Consultant | Nottingham Trent University

“Matt has an infectious energy and creativity which means I always look forward to listening to him.”


Charlotte Iwanejko
Learning & Development Manager | Boots UK

Talks to make you think

Do you want to engage your audience? Challenge their thinking? Get them excited? Align them?


I have been delivering keynote presentations for over fifteen years. A natural communicator, I like to speak about subjects I'm passionate about and with which I can inspire and enthuse an audience. My key topic areas are branding, creativity, design thinking, storytelling, culture building and marketing. All talks contain theory and practical tools which can be used immediately.


I am also a highly skilled workshop facilitator. If you have a business network who value branding, culture and marketing I have workshops that can add real value.


I've got experience speaking in academic institutes (such as the Trent University Nottingham, The University of Lincoln and the East Midlands Further Education Council) as well as in business networking events (such as at Cooper Parry's Culture Carnival, The East Midlands Business Marketing Club or The Nottingham Digital Marketing Summit) and in business settings (such as in the Barbican London, TMRW London or at Innes England's East Midlands 'Market Insite' business events). I have also facilitated and led at corporate events such as brand launches and facilitated hundreds of workshops globally. If you need a public speaker or facilitator drop me a line.

“Where do I start with this guy?! Unending energy, enthusiasm and drive, Matt is a guy who knows his stuff and delivers it with passion. “


Tamily Cookson

Events Manager | The Big House

“Really enjoyed your presentation, especially the application of the 12 archetypes to give meaning to a brand. Customer centred as always”


Jodie Walton
Head Of Customer Experience | Capital One

Track record

On top of regularly presenting, consulting and running workshops as part of consultancy work, I also undertake more formal speaking appointments.

Coming up

Connect Marketing Services, Nigeria 🇳🇬

Sustaining Brand Essence

30th Sept 2021

Level C Artisan Workshop 🌎

Brand Archetypes
(supported by Marty Neumeier)

November 12th 2021


BrandUP Conference 🇬🇧

Why you need brand thinking + hosting + Q & A


Nottingham Digital Summit 🇬🇧

Brand Storytelling

The Power of Culture Design, Boyes Turner LLP, London 🇬🇧

How to design a brand focused culture


LPPT Design Conference, Lisbon, Portugal 🇵🇹

Keynote and workshop TBC


Past speaking

Design Hill Global Panel Discussion 🌎

Brand Building Strategies

July 9th

TechleapNL Compass Programme Launch event 🇳🇱

Launch event host, programme facilitator & global brand expert advisor
Wednesday, 10th March 2021 

Room 9 Podcast #91 🇺🇸

Archetypes Branding & Individuality
February 9th

Design Hill 'Fight & Grow' 🇺🇸

Branding Mastery: Agile Strategies To Stand Out As A Brand
 Monday, 11th January 2021

Enterprise Nation, StartUp 2021, London 🇬🇧

Brand me: Why your personal branding is key

23rd January 2021

Nottingham Trent University, Product Design Guest Lecture  🇬🇧

What is Brand Strategy?

February 2021

Lets Talk Brand - Marketeer + WSB University Gdańsk 🇵🇱

Branding Strategy Basics

9th December 2020

Fresh Movement's #FreshFriday - Live Interview 🇬🇧
The biggest problems that brands are facing and the solutions to combat them

Friday 4th December 2020

LBC Global Radio 🇬🇧

Expert Guest on the Business Hour live phone-in with Ian Dale and Emma Jones

28th October 2020

Nottingham Trent University, Product Design Guest Lecture  🇬🇧

Personal Branding - How to build a personal brand through the power of story

28th October 2020

Masgroves & Re:find

Assay Studios, Birmingham 🇬🇧

Why Values-led companies Always Win
29th October 2020

Nottingham Trent University Personal Development Week Keynote 🇬🇧
Personal Brand Development

9th November 2020

20 Minute Marketing Podcast #47 | Reach Interactive 🇬🇧

The Key Elements of Brand Strategy

14th October 2020

Expert interview with Timothy Adekunle, Nigeria 🇳🇬

Building a Brand

28th Sept 2020

BBC Interview for BBC Ulster 🇬🇧
"Uncle Ben's" rebrand to "Ben's Original" (53:47)
25th September 2020

MarketEd 2020 🇬🇧

Brand relevance: a practical workshop on how to pivot to stay relevant in a post-Covid world

21st September 2020

'Embracing The New' conference, Lagos Nigeria 🇳🇬

Brand Relevance: Why we need more than pretty pictures

11th September 2020 

Interviewed live on IGTV for We Are Studeo 🇦🇺
Handling pushback
4th September 2020 

Brand Master Secrets Podcast #15 🇦🇺
How To Become A Brand Strategy Consultant
3rd September 2020

Dell & Enterprise Nation 🇬🇧
Building your business: know who you are

26 August 2020

Brand Master Academy Podcast Interview 🇦🇺

How To Become A Brand Strategist And Consultant

19th August 2020

Experiential Marketers' Ass. of Nigeria, Lagos Nigeria 🇳🇬
The Power of Agile Design Thinking

13th August 2020

LogoGeek Podcast Interview Ep #91 🇬🇧

Moving from Designer to Full Time Brand Consultant

3rd August 2020

Host of BrandUP - The Online Interviews 🇬🇧

Interviewing Ade Cheatham, CEO of Cooper Parry

30th July 2020

Expert Interview - Hallam TV with CEO Julio Tailor  🇬🇧

Selling to Humans

16th July 2020

Interview - HigherPurpose Agency IGTV
Jakarta, Indonesia🇮🇩

Strategic Alignment
11th June 2020

Barn to Boardroom - Internal Comms Conference - Farnham 🇬🇧

How to align your leadership behind the same story
11th June 2020

Host of BrandUP - The Online Interviews 🇬🇧

Interviewing Julio Taylor, CEO of Hallam

9th June 2020

Webinar with Annelies James - Your Events Guy 🇬🇧

Is your brand HOT right now?

Wednesday 27th May

Fresh Movement's #FreshFriday - Live Interview 🇬🇧

Telling your Brand Story

Friday 22nd May 2020

Nottingham Trent University Business Breakfast Expert Panellist 🇬🇧
Shaping Enterprise: Pivoting your business

Thursday 21 May

Host of all hands daily virtual wellbeing events for Mental Health Awareness Week 🇬🇧

Pal International Wellbeing Week

18th May - 22nd May 2020

RSVIP Business Network 🇬🇧

Brand building:
Customer relationships in the time of Corona

23rd April 2020

Online Webinar: 🇬🇧

Brand Leadership - Corona Crisis - Live Q&A

9th April 2020

Hosting of global Level-C Fireside chats: 🇺🇸

Marty Neumeier & the Level-C community

#0 #1 #2 #3 - March 2020 - present

Hosting of monthly virtual business networking event:  🇬🇧

RSVIP Business Network

March 2020 - present (held once a month)

Online Webinar: 🇺🇸

Brand Leadership: How to Lead in Uncertain Times with Sunny Bonnell, Ashleigh Hansberger

30th March 2020


RSVIP Business Network  🇬🇧

Brand Leadership in the face of Corona

26th March 2020

Host of JUSTBranding Podcast with Jacob Cass 🇦🇺


March 2020 - Present

Creative Mornings Derby  🇬🇧

Identity in COVID19 times

20th March 2020


Haifa, Israel 🇮🇱

Haifa's Networking Meetup & In-Vent The Haifa HUB

Your brand is not your logo - why you need brand thinking in everything you do

23rd Feb 2020

Cooper Parry's, Rebulution, East Midlands Airport  🇬🇧

Expert advisor

28th November 2019

Nottingham Trent University Business School, Integrated Marketing Guest Lecture  🇬🇧

Storyategy - how to create a story based brand strategy

4th November 2019

Nottingham Trent University, Clifton Placement and Graduate Job Fair, Keynote  🇬🇧

Personal Branding - If you want to succeed tell stories

7th November 2019

Arcadis, Leadership Day, The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium London  🇬🇧

Leading through storytelling

12th November 2019

The University of Nottingham, Guest Lecture  🇬🇧

A brand is not a logo - 5 tips on how to create a meaningful brand.

21st November 2019

Nottingham Trent University, Product Design Guest Lecture  🇬🇧

Personal Branding - How to build a personal brand through the power of story

23rd October 2019

EXPO, Big House, St. Mary's Nottingham  🇬🇧

Brand Think: What character do you play in your customer's journey
September 10th 2019

Big House Event supported by Creative Quarter, THiNK Cobden Chambers, Nottingham  🇬🇧

'Matt Davies Brand Masterclass'

18th & 25th July 2019

'The Digital Marketing Summit', Nottingham  🇬🇧

'The Power of archetypal branding'
3rd July 2019

Cooper Parry Group's 'Culture Summit', East Midlands Airport  🇬🇧

'How to create a culture which people want to be part of'

4th July 2019

London Business Road Show  🇬🇧
'Your brand is not your logo -
Why you need brand thinking in everything you do'

June 26th 2019

Nottinghamshire Visitor Economy Summit 2019  🇬🇧
'The Power of Brand Nottingham'

June 10th 2019

Creatives Club Club, Nottingham  🇬🇧
"How to use your story to position your brand with impact”
June 5th 2019

East Midlands Business Marketing Club  🇬🇧

'Creating a ‘stand out’ culture for B2B brands'

May 23rd 2019

DisruptHR, East Midlands, Nottingham  🇬🇧
'Branding inside out'

Thursday 11th April 2019

Shelf Impactors™ with Mark Grey - Podcast #S2E02  🇬🇧

Interview with Matt Davies

April 2019


LEAP: Creative Industries Expo, Nottingham Trent University  🇬🇧
Opening Keynote: 'If you want to succeed. Tell stories.'
2nd April 2019


Confetti, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham  🇬🇧
'The Freelance Creative - The Why, The How and The What'
March 2019


TMRW, London  🇬🇧
‘Standout. Be Meaningful.
How to use storytelling archetypes to swiftly convey
meaning and say the right things to the right people.’

February 2019


Extraordinary with Tobias Dahlburg 🇸🇪 - Podcast Episode #25:
"Brand Storytelling with Matt Davies"
February 2019

Drink Digital, Nottingham  🇬🇧
‘Selling to humans
How to communicate meaning through archetypes’

January 2019


Capital One 'All-Design Team' meet-ups  🇬🇧:
Six Thinking Hats & the power of parallel thinking
10 Tips on Public Speaking
Archetypal Characters in Storytelling
Why designers should care about storytelling



Guest speaker at Innes England's Market Insite events
held in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester 
'The Power of Purpose'
February 2018


Speaker at Yu Energy’s Annual Team Meeting 🇬🇧

‘Your brand is what they say it is’
December 2017


Speaker at Innes England’s Annual all-hands town hall  🇬🇧
‘What makes you, you?' 
December 2017


Hosted and ran the annual national one day 'Supply Chain Forum' for Willmott Dixon  🇬🇧

'Storytelling Strategy'

November 2017


Interviewed by BBC Radio Nottingham on the subject of  🇬🇧
‘Creative Workplaces’
September 2017


Guest Lecturer at Lincoln University  🇬🇧
"How to find and tell brand stories"
April 2015


Guest Lecturer at East Midlands Further Education Council  🇬🇧
"Brand First - it's not the what it's the why"
March 2015


Guest Lecturer at the Barbican, London  🇬🇧
"Getting an App built"
September 2013


Expert on Q&A panel for the Guardian Online  🇬🇧

"Getting a career in Design"
September 2010