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VIDEO: Why brand positioning matters for growth

Want to grow your business?

Then you need to appreciate the power of brand positioning and the way you show up in the market for the audiences you want to impact.

It's all about the value you offer - and the aim of the game is to craft value in such a way that your audience cannot get that value from anywhere else.

It's smart to do this - because the alternative is that you become a commodity. Everyone in the market looks, sounds and offers the same thing. The price war will shortly follow. A race to the bottom.

To escape this "brand trap" you will need a deliberate strategy.

Are you iInterested in being inspired and knowing a little more about this?

Then check out this video on the topic.

Its a talk I was honoured to give to ~100 entrepreneurs last week. Its hosted by Enterprise Nation and sponsored by Vodafone and J.P. Morgan. The title is "Why brand positioning matters for growth"

Some of the background blurb:

In this business.connected webinar, Matt Davies discusses brand-building fundamentals to help your business stand out, attract more customers and help you grow.

With a robust brand strategy, your business can transcend price wars, cultivate a loyal customer base willing to pay a premium for your offerings, streamline marketing efforts and increase your company value.

Matt is an executive branding and culture expert who has helped countless businesses from start-ups to big brands like Boots and Nestlé create powerful strategies that inspire meaningful experiences for customers and employees.

He is an author, public speaker and thought leader and in the past, has been listed as an Enterprise Nation ‘Top 50 UK Adviser’ and is a LinkedIn ’Top Branding Voice'.

Key takeaways from this session:

➡️ Discover what a brand strategy and brand positioning are

➡️ Find out why brand positioning is important for business growth

➡️ Learn tips on how to create a powerful brand positioning



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