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Pull in the same direction

With a shared identity and vision, teams can achieve greatness. Hire me to help facilitate your strategic discussions, collaboratively review your team's purpose and get everyone pulling in the same direction.

You want change. And you want help to do it.

What is YOUR purpose?

Collaboratively unite your people around a clear vision of what you stand for and why you exist.

whom do
you serve?

Whether it's within your organisation or without, get clarity over whom you serve and why you serve them.

How will
you win?

Let's set a strategy on how you will compete and help your customers win.

Get SEt up for success

You want unity. You want to achieve greatness.

You need a common purpose

Sometimes it seems everyone is pulling in a different direction. You know this is wasted energy and that having a clear purpose, vision & values will increase your effectiveness.


You want unity

Despite being individually brilliant, you know your team could be better if they worked together more effectively. You need to do something dramatic to obtain a shared identity.




You need help

You know a positive, polite and energetic outsider could make the difference when facilitating workshops and discussions with the big personalities in your team.


You want something different

You do not want an off the shelf solution. You want a simple, non-threatening, personable, jargon-free solution tailored to your specific situation.

Does this sound like you? Let’s talk about how an outside consultant can have a positive impact on all of the above and get you headed in the right direction.


“Matt facilitated a supply chain forum for Willmott Dixon. The forum was about storytelling and marketing archetypes. It was entertaining and enlightening. I would thoroughly recommend it.”


Neil Hammond

Supply Chain Manager | Willmott Dixon


“A key strength is Matt’s ability to bring together the often disparate and conflicting requirements of an organisation or team into a coherent and powerful message.”


Karim Khan
Principal Business Advisor


“Through a collaborative and approachable engagement plan, Matt successfully brought together two companies to ensure that a clear and cohesive strategy could be applied. I would highly recommend Matt”


Matt Carrington-Moore
CMO | Scape Group

I'd love to work with you

Corporate team building workshops

Team Building Workshops

I facilitate energetic workshops which solve business-critical problems. These can be one-off or a series depending on your needs. In a short space of time, I can add real value to get your team aligned to a clear vision.


Although each workshop is different I have found that using the principles of storytelling is a powerful and non-threatening way in which to get leaders to think of themselves differently. My workshops unite people around an inspiring message. These become the basis of the principles of how you collectively behave, look and speak. At the end of working with me your leadership team will:

  • Have a clear purpose, vision and mission

  • Understand who you are serving

  • Appreciate your competition

  • Have a plan to reach your goals

  • Gotten to know each other better


My workshops are perfect if you are looking to get your leadership team on the same page. I have found that because they are conducted by an outsider from a different perspective they can have highly positive effects. They are very focused and practical.


Compiling the outcomes of our workshop sessions and presenting these back to you is a useful service I offer. This helps bring an outsider's perspective and can be highly valuable. Having a non-biased person with no axe to grind working with you can help to ensure the person who shouts the loudest does not always get their way but the idea that creates the most value does.


I am able to support you in presenting and launching this into your wider team to get buy-in if needed.


Ongoing consulting

Once we've got a strategy in place you may appreciate an ongoing relationship with me so we can keep checking in on progress on a monthly or quarterly basis. I also offer a number of services from project managing the creative process, to collaborative concept generation, through to ongoing executive check-ins and market research to keep you headed in the right direction.

I know that no situation is the same. I therefore tailor all of my services to your specific needs. Get in touch today. 

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