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Think brand

Three essential tools to align your people around brand thinking.

Why you need this ebook

  • It will give you a clear definition of “brand” and “branding”

  • You'll discover what “brand thinking” is and why your business needs it

  • It will give you three tools you can use immediately

  • It will introduce you to agile strategy and how it can be used in branding

  • It will give you an overview of design thinking and how to use it

  • It will explain why storytelling in branding is so important

  • It will give you some storytelling frameworks to use for your brand

x3 powerful leadership tools

Discover your story. Tell your story. Live your story. Use agile strategy and design thinking to infuse it into all parts of your business. 

This ebook has been written for people who build businesses. Business leaders who want to influence change. Those who are great but want to be greater. People who are seeking meaningful work. Leaders who wish to outmanoeuvre competitors and perhaps even disrupt industries. Entrepreneurs not satisfied with the status quo.

about the author - Matt Davies


Matt Davies began his career in 2001 in graphic design but soon moved from execution into strategy and branding. In his design days he was always frustrated with being asked to create design ‘veneers’

which were not in-line with reality. In a quest for truth and determined to make a real difference, he has taken his design and creative skills into the boardroom to help businesses think differently about their brands.

Matt founded and ran his own design business for 9 years, until he sold it in 2016. Since then he has held a variety of leadership positions and written a book, Storyategy.

Today he is a solo brand consultant ensuring his quest for helping businesses find and live their brand truth continues. Over his career, he has worked with hundreds of clients - from start-ups through to

household names like Boots, Specsavers, Nikon, Fred Perry and Experian. Matt is a frequent keynote speaker, speaking at all sorts of business events. Uniting, exciting and delighting his clients to create positive change which affects their bottom lines. 

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