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Align your LEADERS.
Craft A strategy.
Change the world.

Hi I'm Matt Davies. If you're a business leader wanting to build a brand and make bold moves I'm the consultant for you.


I help leadership teams stick strategy to reality using workshops, stakeholder research, story theory and design thinking to create more meaningful customer and employee experiences.

Find your brand truth

Brand building is challenging. Getting a grip on your brand requires cutting across traditional business functions. It requires the aligning of leadership. It requires alignment of those focused within (e.g. HR and Operations) and those focused without (e.g. Sales and Marketing). It requires a customer-centric approach. It requires an understanding of how you are different and the part you play in the customer's story. It requires a desire to be truthful.


Creating a new logo and slapping your values on a wall won't cut it. I'm a brand and culture consultant and if you need a hand truly inspiring your organisation to make a positive change in order to grow, I can help.



Your brand is not your logo. It is the meaning people attach to you.


Align around your brand & unlock the power of meaning.


Passionate talks to excite, inspire & make you think.


Are your team all pulling in different directions? Are you finding it difficult to stand out? Do you feel that sometimes your prospects and customers just don't GET you? Do you feel that all they do is compare you with your competitors on price? That they don't know what makes you different? What makes you better? What makes you, you?


Get your brand to stand out. That's what I help clients to do. I'm Matt Davies and if you want to build an inspirational brand and get your prospects, customers and staff to really, really "get you", talk to me.


Get a handle on your brand and culture with this free self evaluation tool

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