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Interview with Ade Cheatham, CEO of Cooper Parry

I'm really thrilled to invite you to this 👉: A BrandUP live exclusive interview with Ade Cheatham, CEO of Cooper Parry.

Tune in and discover with me:

➡️ How Ade has managed Cooper Parry’s brand from typical regional accountancy into a distinctive national award-winning customer and client experience business.

➡️ Find out has it that Cooper Parry has become known as the “Rebels of Accountancy” and how did they get into the top ten of the Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to work for?

➡️ Learn about the importance of culture and how this is at the heart of everything Ade does with Cooper Parry

➡️ Ask a question - There will also be audience Qand As (managed by my partner in crime, the wonderful Steve Whittle) so if you have a question you'll be able to put it to Ade.

Join me at this BrandUP Live event on 28th July, 3-4pm online.

Sign up here: - DO IT NOW - not to be missed!


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