We Anthropomorphise Brands

Humans tend to “anthropomorphize” or “personify” things and objects. That is, the way we make sense of them is to think of them as other humans. This is the case with brands.

Brand personality

Psychology Today ran an article entitled “How Emotions Influence What We Buy”. In it the author stated;

“Research reveals that consumers perceive the same type of personality characteristics in brands as they do in other people. And just like with people, they are attracted more to some personality types than others – attractions which are emotion based, not rational. Brand personality is communicated by marketers through packaging, visual imagery, and the types of words used to describe the brand.”

This is very interesting because it means that how and what brands communicate will directly effect purchasing decisions. The perceived meaning around this brand "personality" that forms in our audiences minds will either attract or repel them. If we are to manage this meaning then it is essential we get to grips with our brand personality and use it to be authentic so that the right meaning about our brand is understood by the right people.

But - how do we uncover the right personality? Also, and perhaps more importantly, how d