Logos are overrated

If I could have a metaphorical pound for every-time I have reminded someone that their brand is not their logo, I would be a rich man.

Your brand is the emotional meaning people attach to your organisation.

Branding is therefore not simply coming up with a logo design. It's much wider than that. It's the discipline of the management of the meaning you desire your audience to attach to you. It's about telling your story, in the right way, to the right people.

Yes, this may include a logo design. But this is a tiny part of the thinking needed to 'do' branding.

The discipline of branding

Branding comes in two parts.

1. Internal - Branding requires leadership. It requires a brand to unite around a core vision and strategy.

2. External - After step 1 a brand requires a consistent way of communicating and behaving so that audiences can connect meaning with it. This is not simply a logo. Its a whole system of communication - a "visual language" as well as tone of voice.

Into the future, the brand has to behave in accordance with it's promise and story. Enhancing it's audiences lives and delivering on its promise is something requiring that 'branding' influences business strategy.