Jester Brand Archetype

Life is fun. Laughter and joy. Entertainment until it comes out of your ears. This is the upbeat and positive world of 'The Jester'. The archetypal character who embodies entertainment and fun and who is always looking to bring a joy and excitment.

Archetypes are recognisable patterns of human behaviour which are often amplified in stories. In turn, stories are the way we make sense of the world around us. For those involved in the disipline of 'managing meaning' archetypes become a powerful tool which enable brands to tell powerful stories. They help teams build extraordinary meaning and create remarkable creative work because archetypes help to communicate on a deep psychological level with their audiences. More on the power of archetypes here.

In this post we will review the Jester brand archetype building on the work of Margret Mark and Carol S Pearson in their book "The Hero and the Outlaw".

An introduction to the Jester Archetype

Jesters exist to have fun and fill their lives with enjoyment. Living in the moment, having a great time and enjoyin