Rebranding - the SWAT team approach

Towards the latter stages of the branding process you will know who you are and why you exist. You will also know how you are going to position your proposition creatively. What target consumers respond to. How to "speak" and "dress" in your new brand visual language. You are committed to changing how you creatively present the brand. Exciting times.

Well maybe.

Typically you will also have hundreds of pieces of communications - both marketing and customer - which now will need to be brought up to speed as swiftly as possible to ensure an effective customer experience is maintained. This throws up its own challenges. This is the bit of the branding process nobody likes to focus on. This is the bit they don't tell you about at the start.

How best can you attack this monumental task? How can you implement new designs across a mountain of communications? I've seen two approaches to this problem - both have hugely negative effects. I've outlined them below but I also have another alternative: the SWAT team approach. Keep reading...

1. Piece by piece