The Quest - Storytelling plot 3/7

Far away is a priceless goal. This goal is worth every effort and hardship to achieve. When the hero of the story hears of this, there is a need to head-off on the hazardous journey to this far flung destination. Reaching the end goal becomes all consuming. Dangers are overcome. Sacrifices have to happen. Difficult decisions are made. The way is hard. The path is narrow. Eventually though, the hero overcomes. Triumphantly, they reach their destination and the quest is achieved.

Meta Plots

This is an example of the 'meta-plot' called 'The Quest'. Did you know humans have been telling stories for a very long time and we use the same basic plot-lines to do this. Characters, scenes, tools and endings are different but the basic plots stay the same. We tell these stories to help convey meaning, to learn and to entertain. We recycle the same basic elements to do so.