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Extraordinary Podcast

I'm excited to announce I've completed a Podcast with with the amazing Tobias Dahlberg from Helsinki, Finland. Last week he interviewed me about my book 'Storyategy' for episode 25 of his brilliant "Extraordinary" podcast series.

I'm a huge fan of Tobias' work and am a regular listener to the Podcast which, in the past, has featured some of the leading thinking from brand leaders such as Marty Neumier and Denise Lee Yohn.

In his podcasts, entrepreneur and strategist Tobias Dahlberg shares ideas, inspiration, strategies and tactics that will help you build an extraordinary brand and business, hopefully even an extraordinary life. He is the founder and CEO of Wonder Inc., a leading strategic brand and design consultancy in the Nordic region.

In the Podcast we did together, we talk about the juicy subjects of brand and branding, archetypes and storytelling. All the good stuff I love to talk about!

It really was an honour to be involved in what I would consider one of the most informative and leading Podcasts on brand strategy. Here's a quick snippet from a live Camara feed to whet your appetite if you are interested in a short preview:

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