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Brand Mantra

Mantra's are powerful. They help you manage meaning inside out.

A mantra should define everything a brand is and will be one short, snappy and memorable line. It should do this from the perspective of the staff of the company.

It helps all employees and suppliers understand what they need to focus on, in order to deliver the brand experience effectively to the brand’s audience. They help to filter out nonessential behaviours and keep everyone on track. It should encapsulate 3 key things:

  • An emotion - this will be born out of the ‘why’ of the brand story.

  • A description - this will loosely define ‘who’ the brand serves.

  • A function - the ‘what’ of the brand boiled down into one word.

Typically a mantra would not explain what the brand does in terms of product, sector or service. Your mantra and motto are bigger than that. This is not detail. This is the stuff of brand dreams and aspirations. It is also important to point out that a brand mantra is not something you would typically use publicly. Your mantra should be a rallying cry to others who believe what you believe - to attract great people. The mantra should be a concept blanket which covers everything. It should be the guiding principle by which your people operate.

So - what's your's?

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