Branding & Growth Strategy

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Ok, so you want to grow your business. You have ambition. A target. The pressure to show progress. I get it. And I'll share how you can do that in a moment. Before doing so though, I'd suggest taking a breath and taking stock of this idea to simply ask the question - why?

Credit: Julian Santa Ana Source: Unsplash

Brand Thinking

Just because you want to grow and make more money means little to customers. You have to add value and often in today's world, that means ensuring that you are creating meaningful experiences. You need to give a reason for your potential customer to part with cash. To join you in your growth. But the reason they will join will not be because you want to make more money.

So, first things first - before you set out on the course of growth ask why you are going to do it above and beyond making money. What positive effect would your growth have on the world? What additional meaning might it give to your customers? Why does it matter to them? How will it make them stronger? How will what you are doing enforce the meaning you want people to attach to you and your offer? How will it strengthen the "brand"?

"Branding" is the management of meaning and therefore considering the core purpose and story of a brand before heading off to grow it is crucial. How will your growth affect the perception of customers towards you? The narrative has to make sense. Not simply to you - but to the customer. Else your longer-term brand strategy might suffer.