6 Tips for Online Workshop Facilitation

With the Coronavirus pandemic on the loose and causing havoc, many of us are hunkering down and working from home. Flights are not taking off. Countries and cities are closed. Members of leadership teams are self-isolating. Just because you can’t meet in-person, does this mean that your leadership teams should stop strategising, planning and working together? Of course not. We have to keep going. We will get through this.

Comparisons have been made between Covid-19 and some of the most horrible diseases in history where people have had to be quarantined. However, one thing which makes our times much more bearable is the technology we have available to us - I propose we use this to its full advantages. Our digital culture means we can still work together.

I have had the privilege of conducting quite a few brand strategy workshops with leadership teams working remotely or that are spread out globally via online methods. With the recent reality of working life, I’m expecting to do more and more of these - I thought I’d share a few tips. I hope you find them helpful: