7 questions on branding & culture

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Culture is the inward expression of a brand. It's how your people are set up to succeed. As customer experience is becoming more and more important culture needs to be considered by leaders - why? Because employees are a major part of your brand. The way they behave, the decisions they make need to be in line with the brand.

I define branding as the management of meaning. As businesses seek to "manage meaning" culture is becoming a key consideration for leadership teams. How to build one that works is one of the biggest challenges business faces today and as a brand consultant I'm privileged to have worked and be working with business leaders on this question helping to inject "brand thinking" into the recruitment, onboarding, routines, rewards and recognition processes of a business.

A week or so back I had the honour of speaking at Cooper Parry's Culture Carnival. To share some ideas, experiences and tools on branding and culture. It was an amazing day with over 200+ business leaders in the room thinking about the importance of culture. It was a super audience and I had a great time.