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Book recommendation - “Brand Naming”

Brand Naming” is a super book by the brilliant Rob Meyerson. It literally has everything (and I mean everything!) you need to know about the process of creating a name for your product, service or company. It’s top notch: easy to read, full of examples and walks you through theory and practical steps to get to a brilliant name.

I've been involved in creating brand names for over 20 years but not found a book dedicated to this subject before. I wish this book existed back when I started!

Naming is so important - the brand name is the tip of the branding spear - it becomes the verbal signpost to the meaning customers will attach to you. It's seems easy. But it's not. It’s not for the faint hearted. This book will prepare you for the process of creating your name and guide you through the typical pitfalls.

The book is split into 4 handy parts: 1. Background and Basics - here the ground work is done, introducing the reader to how naming works, different types of names and how to categorise them and an overview of the process

2. Hundreds of Ideas - this section is all about how you generate many on brief ideas for your new name.

3. Narrowing Down to One - this part is all about how to select a name from your shortlist. It has some very helpful tips about the types of pitfalls some names have fallen into. 4. Resources - a handy bunch of things to review

The best bit of advice in Robs book? I liked this one: “Don’t fall in love too soon”. I see this happen with my clients so many times. They latch onto a name, fall in love, only to find that it’s been taken or means something strange in Russian.

This and other nuggets will prepare you for the highs and the lows of brand naming.

Recommended 👍

Grab your copy here:


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