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Book Recommendation: The Innovators Handbook

Hi folks. You know I love a good book. Especially well designed, inspirational and thought provoking ones.

Well I’ve got a good one for you: "The Innovators Handbook" by Hussain Almossawi - an award winning product designer who has worked for brands like Adidas, Nike, Intel, Apple, Ford, and Pepsi.

When building brands innovation is often critical aspect of creating true value and distinction in a marketplace. This book helps you do that.

It runs through 10 of Hussain’s top principles for innovating:

👉 Honour you vision

👉 Follow First Principles

👉 Get original

👉 The evolution of ideas

👉 Cultivate curiosity

👉 Be Laser Focused

👉 Learn to fail

👉 Add dimension with diversity

👉 Challenge your thinking

👉 What will you innovate next

Each principle is clearly introduced with a concise write up explaining the idea in a simple non-jargon way and is peppered with inspirational diagrams and quotes. Its packed full of ideas on how to transform creativity into sustained innovation. Centered around product design (but with principles that can be deployed much wider). It's also beautifully designed (It’s candy for the mind and the eyes!).

It also has in depth theory in there too, along with quotes and insights.

What I love about it is that it is practical. If gives solid tips, steps and ideas that you can deploy into a business or team immediately. As a strategic brand builder this is so important.

I also love how it helps the reader get into the innovators mindset. You can do this by a long immersive read or by flocking thought it.

All in all a super read and a super book. One I’ll be picking up time and time again I’m sure!


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