Brand behaviours. How to live your brand purpose and values

When I say things like “Purpose” and “Values” I can almost imagine the sigh of exasperation that some of my readers will be exhaling.

To some business leaders defining these “fluffy” ideals for their businesses and brands are a waste of time.

And in a kind of self-fulfilling way - they probably are. Because although a company might have these defined it takes more than just slapping them on a PowerPoint Deck or the About Us page of a website to make them real.

The reality is that often companies have these statements because it’s the “done” thing. But in my experience, many do not use them effectively. Frankly, if you don’t use them right, these statements become meaningless. Pointless. Worthless. Possibly detrimental. Uninspiring. Demotivating. Empty. The very things that they are not supposed to be.

The main challenge of brand and culture building is not simply to state what you want to be. But it is to make those statements into a tangible reality so they are truthfully part of who a brand actually is at every level of an organisation. So that they become part of the company culture and “the way we do things around here”. So that everyone is aligned and pulling in the same direction.