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Brand Consulting Accelerator

This is a big one for any brand builder in my network who wants to be hired as a brain (for their thinking) 🧠 rather than a pair of hands (for their doing)👋 .

Have you ever dreamed of elevating your branding career from tactician to trusted consultant? Ever wondered how to secure clients who don't just seek deliverables but deeply value your strategic expertise? I'm thrilled to share that my Brand Consulting Accelerator Program replay (which I produced in partnership with the Brand Master Academy) is now available – and for a limited time, it's offered at 30% off!

Led by yours truly, this 4-week accelerator has already changed lives. Just ask one of the live participants, J.R., who landed a $50k contract by applying what she learned with us.

This isn't just about theory; it's about real, tangible results. There are many options out there to learn how to do brand strategy - but not many out there which guide you through how to monetise it from a business perspective. This is the programme I wished I had starting out as a solo consultant 6 years ago. From developing your consulting competencies to expanding your consulting base, we cover it all. Plus, exclusive bonuses like the Consulting Toolkit and a Bonus Module for deeper insights.

🤔 Why join?

In the past 20 years, I've transitioned from a design career to becoming a highly sort-after brand consultant. I've poured all those decades of experience into this accelerator to help you make a similar leap.

💼 What's in it for you?

- Transition smoothly from branding tactician to brand consultant.

- Attract bigger clients willing to invest in your expertise.

- Learn to sell solutions, not just deliverables.

- Structure your consulting agency for success.

- And so much more!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionise your career and start working with clients who truly appreciate the value of branding. Secure your spot now and unlock the secrets to becoming a high-paying Brand Consultant.


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