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Brand Strategy Essentials for Space & Tech Ventures

Calling all leaders in the space industry 🚀.

If you are scaling, building a brand, launching a product, looking for funding or trying to rally your team - THIS is for you.

I'm thrilled to be teaming up with super smart visionary Patrick Kizny to deliver a webinar on "Brand Strategy Essentials for Space & Tech Ventures" for Hypergalactic.

We'll be talking all things Vision, Mission, Purpose and Values. So if you want to understand:

➡️ Why Space Tech leaders and founders need these in place

➡️ How do they can uncover them authentically

➡️ How can unleash them to scale and grow

--- then be sure to sign up!


A free Webinar


Oct 11, 2023 16:00


Nail the brand strategy essentials for your tech venture

While vision, mission, purpose, and values don't make a complete brand strategy, they're the bedrock. Gain clarity on these pillars to fuel your future growth.

Have you wondered?

What's the first step in building a brand that stands out?

Why is having a bold, audacious vision critical for my startup?

How do I turn my tech innovations into a clear brand vision?

Why is a clear mission statement vital for my growth?

How does a solid brand foundation instill investor trust?

Crafting a bold vision

Why is having an audacious vision critical? Learn how to translate your tech innovations into a compelling narrative that captivates your audience and sets you apart.

Mission-driven growth

Uncover the importance of a clear mission for your startup. See how it not only defines your direction but also accelerates growth and fosters alignment within your team.

A talent magnet. Culture builder

Delve into how company values act as a magnet, helping draw in like-minded individuals and build a cohesive culture.

See you there for lift off 🚀.


Limited spaces. Book now!


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