Branding and Employer Value Proposition

I’ve found in my work as a brand consultant that the concept of branding is being taken up by businesses and applied to areas which traditionally have not been associated with it. And rightly so. Branding, done properly is not simply a lick of paint but an operating system by which a business should be run. Brand understanding from a leadership level should drive decisions - so the brand authentically lives up to what it stands for. Inside as well as outside.

Some of my recent client work has involved helping established businesses get to grips with this idea. After defining the brand positioning with a leadership team I’m often asked to help embed it within the employee experience. To help make it “live”. No small task but one I love!

As a part of this work I’ve been working more and more in the space of “Employer branding” and at the core of an employer brand is the EVP. If this jargon makes no sense to you, never fear. Here is a simple glossary of my helpful definitions:

  • Brand = "The meaning people attach to us and our offer"

  • Branding = "The management of meaning"

  • Employer Brand = "The meaning employees and potential employees attach to us"

  • Employer Branding = "The management of the meaning employees and potential employees attach to us"

  • Culture = "Behaviours, customs & beliefs, of colleagues"