Get brand clarity with the Brand Strategy Triangle

There are loads of things to think about when building a brand. Sometimes it can get complicated. Overwhelming even. In a world of hustle-and-bustle, there are huge benefits to having clarity. To keeping things simple. To having focus. A north star in the noise of everyday life. Something that aligns and defines. Truth.

One tool I love to use with my clients is my “Brand Strategy Triangle”. Once defined for a brand it can be used to sense check all business initiatives. It can be used as one slide in a presentation deck to articulate what the brand is all about. It can be used in induction packs and sales pitches. On websites and in brochures. On the back of a napkin at a business lunch. It’s easy to remember. It’s simple. It’s powerful.

Sound like something you could use? Let me walk you through it. Firstly here it is in all its glory:

The triangle is divided into four segments which articulate the key components of a brand. Within each segment, a clear and simple statement should be produced to define the high-level brand strategy covering these essential areas: