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I'm a UK top 50 business advisor... again!

Wow wow wow! I am so delighted and humbled to announce that after a stellar business year I'm been nominated as a finalist in Enterprise Nation's Top 50 Advisers awards supported by Dell, Neat and Xero.

There is a possibility I could win in the category "Design and Branding" but I NEED YOUR VOTE (pretty please!). If you've enjoyed and found value in my content head over to - At the bottom fill in your vote. It takes 30 secs! I'd be so grateful!


Why you should vote for me (2020 contributions):

➡️ 30+ business speaking events in 2020 (on all but one continent)

➡️ Host of JUSTBRANDING podcast with Jacob Cass (bi-weekly)

➡️ Host of BrandUP Live events with Steve Whittle (monthly)

➡️ Co-hosted x3 global fireside chats with Andy Starr & Marty Neumeier of LEVEL C

➡️ Appearances on LBC (Global) and BBC

➡️ Various lectures at Nottingham Trent University (Industry Fellow)

➡️ Published by Marketer+

➡️ Awarded a silver star in Marty Neumeier's METASkills challenge

➡️ Written 20+ articles on brand on my blog (

➡️ Launched 5 online courses (three of which are free:


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