Just Branding - Best of Season 2 out now

I do feel very fortunate. Every few weeks myself and my co-host of the JUST Branding Podcast, the notorious Australian 🇦🇺 Jacob Cass, get to sit down and discuss brand strategy with the brightest minds from across the globe. This year we interviewed 22 guests. We heard branding insights from top creative minds such as Sagi Haviv, Joe Pine, Denise Yohn, Natalie Nixon, PhD, Bill Gardner, Emily Cohen, Armin Vit, Julian Cole, Joey Vitale, Kyle Millar, and many more.

Recently we've been reminiscing on the past year and our new "Best of Season 2" has just launched where we've compiled our favourite bit from 2021. This episode will be our last episode for the year but after a short break we'll be back in 2022 with another exciting line up.

👉 Listen here