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Level C Artisan workshop with Marty Neumeier

I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that I'm leading a Level C Artisan Workshop alongside the one and only, Marty Neumeier.

Level C

Level C is a training and brand strategy community who utilise the thinking found in Marty Neumeier's best selling books on brand strategy (THE BRAND GAP, ZAG, and SCRAMBLE). Hundreds (if not thousands) of brand practitioners have benefited from the Level C Master Class courses (including me!) run by Level C Founders Andy Starr and Marty Neumeier himself.

The Artisan Series

The Artisan Series of workshops are run by accomplished practitioners who will guide participants through focused deep-dives into the nuances of brand strategy. Other Artisans include some of the biggest names in brand: Josh Levine, Rob Meyerson, Brain Soy and Dennis Hahn. They’re brilliant thinkers and demonstrated leaders in core disciplines. It truly is an honour to be alongside them as part of this.

Brand Archetype Training Workshop

My online workshop is designed to teach participants about one of the most powerful tools in the brand, strategy toolbox: Brand Archetypes.

Businesses today face challenges everywhere. From the outside, it’s market crowding and commoditisation. From within, it’s silo-building, cultural disconnections, and mis-alignment across roles and levels. Archetypes can help to break down barriers and align businesses and customers.

I'll be being supported by International brand expert and author Marty Neumeier who will help to magnify the employment of brand archetypes in all things brand.

What you'll get:

  • An overview of my ‘Big brand questions’ framework

  • An understanding of story theory and archetypes

  • How they can align leadership, business stakeholders, and creative teams

  • A walk-through of how they can be used to build distinctive brand identities and a competitive edge in crowded marketplaces

  • Ideas and inspiration for using archetypes in your work for your clients or business

  • How, by identifying an archetype, you can build more powerful customer and employee experiences

Don't miss out

So - if you have always wanted to understand the power of archetypes, how to harness them to build powerful brands I hope you will join us.

See you there 👍


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