Pivot. How to use design thinking to keep relevant

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

As a brand and business leader, the chances are you have made some short term changes to your business to deal with the initial shock wave of the Corona crisis. But you know it’s not going to be enough. How can you stay relevant over the next month or two? How can you come up with answers fast? How can you keep morale high and people positive? That’s what this post is all about.

Photo by Tekton on Unsplash

Design thinking is a way to solve problems fast. To change what is now to something better in the future. To improve. That is what design is. Brands likewise exist to make a positive change in their customer's lives. I’ve been getting a lot of questions on how companies can pivot and remain relevant in the Corona infested landscape we live in. This is my attempt to give you some simple, tactical and relevant things to work on, based on some of the recent work I’ve been doing with my clients. It is my hope this will get you moving in a positive direction. The storm is blowing. Let’s not let it sink us. Let’s chart a new course, catch the wind and push forward.


As with all good strategy, the outlined approach I’m suggesting below is based on three core principles:

  • Customer-first outcomes - always keep in mind who you exist to serve. Your “brand tribe”. Their needs may have changed but your desire to add value to them should not. You may need to adapt to meet the challenge. Put them first.

  • Innovation - As customer needs change brands need to create new offerings or adapt their existing offerings to enhance their tribe’s lives and solve their problems. Now is the time to pivot and innovate