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Summer VisionCamp® is now open!

I have exciting news for Business Leaders! 🌟

I’m thrilled to announce that late summer VisionCamp® tickets are now up and ready for bookings. Be quick - there are only limited seats!

In the realm of leadership, vision is your compass. Ready to take your impact to new heights, unite your people and elevate your leadership? VisionCamp® is for you!

VisionCamp® is a two-day strategic leadership experience designed to help you cast a clear and compelling vision for the future and define the strategic plans needed for everyone to understand it, support it, and help build it with you. Its aimed at business leaders seeking to rally their people around them.

Join yours truly, and the inspirational Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger on September 20 & 21, 2023, for this transformative and immersive online Visionary Leadership Masterclass.


VisionCamp® empowers you to beat the odds, rally your people, step forwards with confidence and lead with purpose. During our practical and fast paced sessions we will:

➡️ Discover the Fundamentals: Immerse yourself in Day One, where you'll learn the visionary mindset, refine your unique strengths, and get to grips with the our 7P VISIONSCRIPT® FRAMEWORK

➡️ Bring Your Vision to Life: Day Two is all about turning your vision into action. Craft your own VisionScript®, inspire belief, and challenge yourself with your future bold moves.


✅ Tools & Frameworks

✅ Mindset shifts

✅ Strategic Focus & Clarity​

✅ Big Picture Thinking​

✅ Inspiration & Innovation

✅ Live & Collaborative Coaching​

✅ PersonalGrowth as a Leader


"VisionCamp® is a rapid fire bootcamp pressing you to unlock and refine your vision so that others can rally around it."


"I really enjoyed your course and am continuing to implement the 7 P's in vision strategy sessions."

"I loved the smaller setting and being in the room with Sunny, Ashleigh and Matt. Getting real-time feedback and inspiration from them is invaluable."

"Wow, so many lightbulb moments already."

"The inspiration, energy, and belief that you instilled in each participant makes all the difference"

"A great experience."

"Having an idea of what you want to achieve is one thing, understanding why and how you can make that happen is another - this course provides those answers guided by some of the top minds in the game."

"The way we walked into VisionCamp® and the mindset/methods/people we were walking out as is radically different, informed, and inspired. "

When IS IT?

September 20 & 21, 2023


£790 / $997.00


Find out more and get your tickets here:


Don't miss this chance to become a transformational leader, expand your toolkit, and join a thriving community of peers. Secure your spot now and shape the future with VisionCamp®!

I’ll see you there!


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