The Digital Sabbath - How to get a moment of calm in a crazy world

This is a one-off, different kind of post (don’t worry I’ll be back speaking about Brand Strategy tips shortly!). I don’t usually write posts on mental health but as Mental Health Awareness Week is coming up soon and, we are in the middle of the Corona lockdown where people are struggling, it seems appropriate.

I want to share with you something which I have found really helpful and quite possibly life-changing. I hope it might help you.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

The problem. Modern life is relentless.

I’m a creative who likes to please people. Left to my own devices I would pack my days and always be on the go. With work. With speaking. With projects. With meeting people. With family. With friends.

If you looked inside my brain it would probably look like Liverpool Street Underground Station in London with things whizzing all over the place. The hustle and bustle of ideas, projects and clients which move in and out without ceasing.  

I work for myself and my boss is a jerk. An absolute slave driver. 

I’m also very active on social media. It’s part of wha