Top ten best business books every solo consultant should read

This one's a bit of a different post than my usual. But it's good to mix things up every once in a while and I hope it will add value to you.

Books can change your life.

I get asked what books have influenced me all the time. Of course, I read a ton on brand and culture strategy. But this is not a post about these works. I also read quite a few business / entrepreneurial/life-style/self-improvement books which have had a huge impact on my approach to my personal business. This post is about the best of them. If you are a consultant, looking to be a consultant, entrepreneur, business owner, leader or even just looking to stretch your mind there will be something in here for you.

Some of these books I read years ago. Some I’ve only just put down. Collectively though they have and are my teachers and inspiration as I make my way as a solo consultant.

Of course, I don’t subscribe to every single thing in every book I read. I take the best of the ideas and apply them to my own situation, family, lifestyle and ambitions. Some ideas I tuck away for a rainy day. Some ideas I am currently trialling to see if I can make them work. some ideas I know I should be doing but am struggling to implement. It’s all part of the journey!

Sharing is caring and as these books have had such a positive influence on my consulting career to date I thought I’d share them in the hope that if you are searching for an answer to a business or development challenge they may help you.

1. Company of one - Paul Jarvis

What’s it about: How and why setting up as a solo practitioner might be a good idea.

What this book taught me: That a successful business does not have to be a large one. In fact, keeping things small has huge benefits.

2. Million Dollar Consultant - Alan Weis

What’s it about: How to be a successful consultant.

What this book taught me: Absolutely tons. From pricing to marketing and sales approaches this book is a must-read for the solo practitioner.

3. Passion into Profit - Andy Harrington 

What’s it about: How to scale a business based on the information you have personally gleaned over the years of experience.

What this book taught me: Methods and mindsets in which to scale and up-sell my solo offering.

4. The 4-Hour Work Week - Tim Ferris

What’s it about: How to reconstruct your life so it's not all about work without sacrificing income (in fact by increasing it).

What this book taught me: Mindset. Tim helps you break out of the guilt cycle that 9-5 training puts you in. The book also recommends some fantastic productivity methods which have changed my life!

5. Deep Work - Cal Newport

What’s it about: How to be productive, focus and be better at what you do in a world of distractions

What this book taught me: To focus.

6. It's not how good you are its how good you want to be - Paul Arden

What’s it about: How to be creative and succeed in the world.

What this book taught me: To be inspired. Tons of tips on how to come up with and present radical creative ideas.

7. Seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness - Jim Rohn

What’s it about: One of the best and original self-help books. Jim Rhon (mentor to Tony Robbins) sets out seven strategies which will change your life.

What this book taught me: To think differently about my life, business and what success looks like.

8. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey

What’s it about: How to be effective in everything you do.

What this book taught me: How to think. Methods and a mindset which helps you achieve goals.

9. Start with Why - Simon Sinek

What’s it about: The power of being able to define and articulate why you do what you do. Finding purpose.

What this book taught me: How to define and articulate why you do what you do and then frame everything around it.

10. Drive - Daniel Pink

What’s it about: What motivates people and the secret of high performance.

What this book taught me: What I need to be in place to keep my own motivation high.

So there are my top ten be

So there are my top ten best business books every solo consultant should read. I'm sure some of these will be familiar to you but I hope you might find one in the above list interesting and it helps to enhance your life. Enjoy and keep on growing...!

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