Present the idea not the execution

"It's just not right. Can we choose another image and change the colour to green? Also perhaps another message could be added. Why don't we try and illustration in there?"

Perhaps one of the most frustrating thing that can happen to a creative is to work on something they passionately believe in only to find that they do not get full buy-in from those who have commissioned them in the first place.

"They've changed the brief," says the visual designer.

"Its just not up to the standard I expected," says the client.

This happens time and time again leaving a bad taste in everyones' mouth and hours of wasted time in the gutter.

I want to argue that this kind of scenario is usually* the designers' fault. Before you hit the little 'X' at the top of your browser window think about this. What more could we do as creatives to help non-creative people appreciate the idea and realise ou