Overcoming the monster - Storytelling plot 1/7

There is an evil force threatening the hero of the story. It threatens their world. It threatens mankind. The hero must grow their skills and resources in the face of this adversity. Then, at some stage when they are strong enough, the hero must fight and destroy the terrible threatening monster. It certainly won't be easy and the odds will be staked against the hero. At some stage it will appear that this is an impossible fight to win - but eventually the hero will be triumphant. The evil will be overcome and the rewards will be huge.

Meta Plots

This is an example of a 'meta-plot'. Humans have been telling stories for a very long time and we use the same basic plot-lines to do this. Characters, scenes, tools and endings are different but the basic plots stay the same. We tell these stories to help convey meaning, to learn and to entertain.