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My top x5 Blog Posts of 2018

Wowzars. What a year it's been for me. It started off with me running the design team of a digital marketing agency as their Creative Director, then being headhunted by a global fin-tech and going in-house to run their creative team and then just recently breaking out on my own as a Creative Brand Strategy consultant.

At every stage I've found the discipline of blogging once a week highly beneficial. It keeps me sharp and means I go looking for and exploring subjects I find interesting around creativity, innovation, storytelling and of course, branding.

Here are the most popular five posts from 2018.

1. Add Meaning With Brand Archetypes - March 22nd

Unsurprisingly this blogpost which explains the basics of archetypal branding is my most popular post of 2018. Archetypes are a powerful framework through which to see brand personality. They help to connect business leaders to a strategy, creative teams to an exciting brief and customers to a story.

Later in the year I reviewed the twelve archetypes in detail. The top 3 posts reviewing specific archetypes were:

  1. The Ruler

  2. The Creator

  3. The Sage

2. Creative Workshop Icebreakers - November 22nd

This post went down a storm. Looks like people are fed up with dull and boring icebreakers. Having some new ones up your sleeve designed to break down barriers and get people loosened up ready to solve problems is what this post is all about.

3. Tool-Maslows-Hierarchy-of-Needs - February 22nd

We all love a good bit of theory. Maslows hierarchy of human needs is a great way to think about what a brand is offering and how to pitch it to an audience. You may not be selling a product at all. In fact you might be selling "self-actualisation". Read this blog post to understand the basics of what this means.

4. We Anthropomorphise Brands - February 7th

"Anthropomorphise" - it's a long word meaning that we think about brands like we think about people. Brands dress, behave and speak so this is unsurprising. If your brand was a person what type of person would they be? Calm and collected or wild and free? How are you doing in communicating this to your audience? This post helps you think about this and introduces you to Carl Jung.

5. Logos Are Overrated - April 5th

One of my favorite posts of the year. The whole post hinged around one truth a shout from the roof-tops: 'Your brand is not your logo'. I apparently say this so much to people that my old team got it printed on a T-shirt for me as a leaving present (I mean, I was hoping for a gold watch or something but anyways...). This post is me having a rant about a narrow minded definition of "brand".

Thanks to all who have supported me and read my material in 2018 and lets make 2019 one to remember.

Have a great winter break and I hope you have a super new year.

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