My top x5 Blog Posts of 2018

Wowzars. What a year it's been for me. It started off with me running the design team of a digital marketing agency as their Creative Director, then being headhunted by a global fin-tech and going in-house to run their creative team and then just recently breaking out on my own as a Creative Brand Strategy consultant.

At every stage I've found the discipline of blogging once a week highly beneficial. It keeps me sharp and means I go looking for and exploring subjects I find interesting around creativity, innovation, storytelling and of course, branding.

Here are the most popular five posts from 2018.

1. Add Meaning With Brand Archetypes - March 22nd

Unsurprisingly this blogpost which explains the basics of archetypal branding is my most popular post of 2018. Archetypes are a powerful framework through which to see brand personality. They help to connect business leaders to a strategy, creative teams to an exciting brief and customers to a story.

Later in the year I reviewed the twelve archetypes in detail. The top 3 posts reviewing specific archetypes were: