22 Points of Brand Definition

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Why define your brand?

As many people who read my content will know, I don’t talk about “brand” from the perspective of it being a logo and some fonts. A logo is not your brand. I prefer the definition of a brand as being “the meaning people attach to you and your offer”. “Branding” is the management of that meaning.

Therefore the first step in effective branding has to be to define your brand. You cannot manage what you cannot define. This is a strategic activity (not tactical). It is also a collective one - internally by your leaders and people. Once defined you can align around how you manage it into the future. You can then get tactical. You can use this ‘brand strategy’ to inform your customer and employee experiences, your business strategy, your marketing and your messaging and positioning etc. Your internal brand definition allows your teams to align behind what it is you would like the customer to know you for. For the meaning you want to have in their heads.

Of course - the proof is ultimately in the pudding. That is to say, success is whether your customers actually do begin to know you for the things you have defined. That’s the gold standard and that is something you need to continually work on as your business grows. But you can’t work on that until you align your teams (and especially your leadership team) around the brand and therefore you need to define your brand.